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A Property Management System designed for easy use and high efficiency, saving you time and money and taking the stress out of managing your business.

Cash Register

HostelProfessional's built-in cash register allows you to manage payments, check-ins and check-outs smoothly and effectively, as well as storing guest details for your records.

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  • Uses multiple currencies with editable exchange rates
  • Ability to add multiple guest’s details in group bookings
  • Option to add charges to bill, so guests can pay now or pay later
  • Customize items you want to sell so you can track food, beverages, tickets or anything else you want to sell
  • See original booking information, transactions and paid invoices
  • Easily split bill and take separate payments
  • Matches payments to charges so you know who has paid and what they’ve paid for at any given time
  • System ensures you collect payment in full before checkout


Automatically generated reports are easy to read and help you stay in touch with every aspect of your business, from occupancy to revenue and everything in between.

  • See exactly where your money is with individualized and easy to read staff shift reports
  • All payments are matched to charges
  • Track expected and actual monthly revenue
  • Expense reports, Profit and Loss reports, and Month on Month comparisons
  • Keep full event logs of all activity and transactions
  • Detailed guest reports
  • Monitor occupancy, lead time, cancellations, no shows and more
  • Graph shows which days most bookings are made
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Price Management, Transitioning, and More

With endless features already and always something new in the works, we hope to cover all your PMS needs. If there's a feature you think we're lacking, don't hesitate to contact us through the form or email links at the bottom of the page!

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