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Combine your tasks

The more you can do in one place, the smarter you can be with your time. With bookings and payments all handled together, you can check your guests in on the fly.

Calendar plus cash register

What can we do for you?

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Better finances

Reports are boring but necessary. Discover peace of mind.

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Happier staff

Finally. A system your staff will love from the start.

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Sync all listings easily

Less work

Set rates and sync availability across all booking websites.

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Hostel Tips & Tricks

Bear on bed

Bed Bugs: 3 Steps to Deal With Them

Bed bugs - our archnemesis. Find them, clean them out completely, and don't get them again.

hostel balcony

10 Things You Must Know Before Opening a Hostel

Thinking of opening a hostel? Just opened one and need some advice? Here's 10 things you must know.

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Hostel Dinners: Are They Worth It?

Should you serve dinner at your hostel? Pros and cons, plus pro tips from those who have done it.

Hundreds of brands.

Thousands of bookings.

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Click and sync, my friends. Just click and sync.

Diagram showing HostelProfessional linking to booking websites through MyAllocator Diagram showing HostelProfessional linking to booking websites through MyAllocator

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